We at B&R Logistics, Inc. wanted to take a moment to communicate our thoughts on the impact Hurricane Harvey will have on logistics for the next several weeks. Firstly, we send our positive thoughts to those affected by the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. We hope that the citizens and business owners of Houston rebound as quickly as possible from this unfortunate “mega weather” event.

Given that hurricane Harvey landed on the Gulf coast this has undoubtedly affected gas prices not only on a regional but on a national level, therefore expect to see an increase in Fuel Surcharges.

More significantly trucks from across the USA have been and will be diverted to assist in the relief efforts in TX and other affected areas. This diversion of assets has and will impact the availability of equipment. We have already seen price increases and a decrease in truck availability due to hurricane Harvey.

Again, our thoughts go out to those affected.

If you have any questions concerning the current situation, please feel free to reach out to us at: tel: 847-621-2163 dispatch@bandrlogistics.com. We appreciate your understanding during this time.

Photo Cred: Freightwaves.com